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Honey Fruit Balls 3

Sphere Magazine, January 1974

This vintage Sphere magazine features using dried fruits in the winter including these delicious no-bake treats. Plus, who won the book drawing?!

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Mushroom 4

The Mushroom Cookie Master

Wouldn’t you love a mushroom cookie for Christmas? If you could taste these, I know you would! And the master baker of them is one of my lovely readers!

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Sphere cherry cookies image

Sphere Magazine, December 1973

December magazines now as compared to 1973 are basically filled with the same traditional Christmas cookies, pies, and festivities; and just as good!

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Pumpkin dessert image

Sphere Magazine, November 1973

Fall is definitely in the air this November 1973 Sphere magazine issue, along with numerous ideas for Thanksgiving feasts and beautiful holiday breads.

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Hot German Salad close up with beverages

Oktoberfest Hot German Potato Salad

Celebrate Oktoberfest with this warm and comforting Hot German Potato Salad. Serve with sausages, a variety of mustards, some beer, and you have a party!

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Pumpkin yeast bread whole with drips

Sphere Magazine, October 1973

This pumpkin-raisin yeast bread from vintage Sphere magazine is full of spices and perfect for fall baking. See what else was cooking back in 1973!

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Almond pie side view

Sphere Magazine, September 1973

My monthly Sphere magazine report includes articles on Greek cooking, clam bakes, the crochet craze, meatballs, casseroles, and this creamy almond pie!

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Blueberry waffles up close 1

Sphere Magazine, August 1973

The August 1973 Sphere magazine issue is full of ideas for picnics, bicycle trips, elegant outdoor fare, and making waffles on a lazy summer weekend.

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