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snowbound books

Snowbound Books

My love story to an amazing independent bookstore.

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foolproof slow cooker

Foolproof Slow Cooker

Fire up the slow cooker when it’s too hot to cook.

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Cornbread book

The Cornbread Book

Great recipes and fun reading all about cornbread and cornmeal ideas.

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hunt and gather

Hunt & Gather

This is the last cookbook gift I received from my brother Alan before he passed away.

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seattle cookbook

Seattle Chef’s Table

This cookbook gathers a history of Seattle’s best chefs and also celebrates the sustainable food in the Pacific Northwest.

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Cookbook passion

Cookbook Passion

How could The Culinary Cellar not have a cookbook called Cookbook Passion?

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purdue book

Favorite Recipes of the Purdue Residence Halls

The recipes in this cookbook are favorites of both students and staff of Purdue University’s Residence Halls.

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asparagus rolls

Appetizer Asparagus Rolls

This delicious appetizer is frozen, then baked from the frozen state. What could be easier! Ready when you are.

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