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Life on the Line 1

The Next Course

My new Friday blogs to be known as “Flood Survivor Friday,” will feature books and other items that survived the flood which destroyed my Culinary Cellar.

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Culinary Cellar door 2

A New Chapter

It’s time to rebuild the Culinary Cellar.

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National Cookbook Month

October is National Cookbook Month!

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Patrice elf close up 2

The Culinary Cellar 2016

What’s in store for The Culinary Cellar in 2016?

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Magazine pile close up

And then there are the magazines….

You see, I don’t just collect and store cookbooks; I also collect food magazines and food sections of newspapers. Although I am a little behind…

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Culinary Cellar Julia books double photo

Happy Five-Year Anniversary to The Culinary Cellar!

It’s hard to believe it’s been five years since I wrote the first word for The Culinary Cellar. It has been a wonderful journey. And it’s only just begun!

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Sphere corn 2

Sphere Magazine, September 1972

It’s time for the next Sphere Magazine report. September 1972 was one of the most popular issues in the history of the magazine. Find out why!

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Culinary Cellar Empty shelf by wall 1

Progress in The Culinary Cellar

These empty shelves are now almost filled! It’s been months, but my niece Pesi and I have made huge progress arranging my thousands of cookbooks. Come and take a sneak peek!

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